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Activity, event, custom stay


Have ideas? Granhòta helps you achieve them.

For an output, an event or a holiday that fits your group and your goals, we offer a customized service to meet your needs: activities, transportation, catering, … express your expectations, the Granhòta team professional and responsive offer you a solution as soon as possible.

Choisissez votre ambiance
Specific event

A customized output or a specific event that will meet your time constraints, scheduling, travel and budget.

The recipe just between sports and / or cultural and relax with food or not (plus shipping if needed).

Unusual places around Toulouse or further down the region.

Customized stay

A holiday to get away with your team and break the daily.

Location, type of accommodation and activities are based on your goals:

Meeting to exchange or lounges, sports and cultural activities to be welded, spa or pool for recreation and relaxation, etc.


Internship or cycle for a project

A cycle / course with your team to work toward a common goal!

Ex: 4 sessions of initiation 2:30 Toulouse in an activity to go on a full day in the Pyrenees at the 5th meeting. A real team approach!

To everyone with our equipment and qualified instructors for you to move by yourself!

Identify your needs!

What activities do you want to practice?

Canoe Kayak
Nordic Walking
+ Other activities

How much time do you have?

1/2 journée
Half day

What country would you like to explore?

Around Toulouse

To prepare your event or trip, contact us to define:

  • profile and needs: group type: business, school, association, particularly ...; number of participants, ...
  • sports activities envisaged: kayaking, climbing, via ferrata, raid, orientation, cycling, walking ...
  • atmosphere and desired goal: discovery, learning, performance, cohesion, ...

Inform us of organization profile you expect:

  • a single event to the half-day or full day,
  • an event that highlights your organization
  • a weekend or a holiday.

And finally some information on your desires of escape; you want:

  • discover or rediscover Toulouse?
  • explore the surrounding unsung Toulouse?
  • you escape in the Pyrenees or the Aveyron gorges?
Why us? To live it differently.



We, the young, dynamic team members Granhòta, are lovers of discovery and unusual times.

We will ensure to create for you a surprising moment resembling a real pause in your usual operation!